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My new home is really something
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Sorrel Aby surveying
her territory



Fortunately there are not usually many Abys needing to be rescued by our Welfare Department, and there is usually a waiting list of good, carefully checked homes for them to go to.  Currently, however, homes for Abys in need would be very much welcomed.  Our Welfare Officer is Harriet Patey (tel. 0208 669 1655)

Harriet co-ordinates those Abyssinians that need help with people who are seeking to give homes to these unfortunate cats.   If at all possible the breeder is contacted first.  The kitten may have been sold in good faith to an excellent home, yet circumstances may change and sometimes it is just not possible for the human family to go on caring for the Abyssinian.  When this occurs, our Welfare Officer should be contacted immediately, as the sooner these problems are resolved the better it is for the cat.   

There are usually about a dozen Abys needing new homes every year, and many times this number of people offering homes to Welfare cases.  However an emergency situation can easily mean that a whole group of Abyssinians suddenly needs help.  If YOU have (or know of) an Abyssinian needing a new home, please contact Harriet NOW.  If you can provide a good home for a needy Aby, or can offer help with transport or a donation, again please do contact Harriet by e-mail or on the above telephone number.


Leon is a six year old neutered boy. He has been a stud cat but was neutered last November in the hope that he could become a happy pet cat but his owners now feel that he would be a much happier cat with a new indoor or very safe loving home rather than spend the rest of his life in his chalet---albeit a very nice chalet!

Leon has been in the house and is fine, just wanting to explore the whole place and be cuddled. The thing is that he causes problems amongst his owners' female cats and this starts quite serious fights amongst themselves.

Leon is an incredibly affectionate boy and would be happy spending his whole life being cuddled. He's adorable and his owners will be very sad to see him go but he deserves to be happy and loved away from six feisty girls!

If you feel you could offer him a new home, please contact our Welfare officer, Harriet Patey, on 0208 669 1655 or email



ZeeZee and Myers are 8 year old litter brother and sister half Abys who their current owner rescued from a bad situation when they were kittens. They had not been socialised at all and were consequently very nervous. They have now improved due to the attention given them by their current owner but are still nervous of strangers although very social with those they trust.
They have always had access to the quiet outdoors but are not streetwise cats since they have always lived rurally or on very quiet streets. They enjoy cat flaps and mostly have used a microchip flap to avoid other cats getting in.

Zz enjoys sleeping in quiet cosy spots most of the day and is active from around 5pm to 7am and he really loves the outdoors. Myers tends to be up and down all day and loves to spend time with you, following you around and playing in the garden.  They are not lap cats but like to sleep next to you in bed or on the sofa, neither of them like to be picked up but they loved being stroked and brushed with a wire brush.

They are both very nervous of strangers and this has always been a problem, as long as they have a safe place to hide they are fine, otherwise they have run off outside and hidden in sheds for quite sometime. Once they know the person they come around, usually after a handful of visits. Myers is braver and more inquisitive whereas Zz is more nervous although he is more affectionate.  

The owner is heartbroken to have to rehome the cats but is currently in a bad situation and has no option but to move in with family, they have dogs and cats in a busy area and keeping her cats would not work. She desperately wants them to go to a kind home where the owners understand rescue cats and are patient and kind and can offer them a quiet home with access to the outdoors. They have no health issues.
They can be rehomed separately or together and currently live in Sussex.

If you feel you could offer them a new home, please contact our Welfare officer, Harriet Patey, on 0208 669 1655 or email






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